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Date: 2018-08-04       Visitcount: 1416

A delegation consisting of three faculty members and 22 undergraduate and graduate students from ZJU’s College of Education paid a visit to Higher School of Economics(HSE) in Russia from July 22 to July 29, for academic exchange and an eight-day summer school, which concentrated on the study of modern education through academic lectures.


Ms. Anna Garmonova, Dean of HES’s Graduate School and Institute of Education, presided over the opening ceremony and expressed her warm welcome to ZJU’s delegation. “We are very grateful for the kind invitation and considerate arrangements by HSE,” Said WU Juhui, deputy dean of ZJU’s College of Education, “I hope we can both promote further exchange and cooperation in the future.” Mr. Boris Zhelezov, assistant dean of HSE, and Prof. LIU Shuhua from College of Education gave a detailed introduction of each institute respectively.


Course Study

ZJU students were offered a series of academic lectures related to modern education, including “the history and mission of the university”, “the reform of the post-Soviet state higher education”, “the comparison of Sino-Russian higher education management systems” and other related topics, and in-depth discussions are absorbed in these lectures. The students got a better understanding of the international and Russian education from new angles. In the end of the courses, the students conducted presentations in groups on related topics as learning outcome show



Visit Ministry of Education of Russia

On the afternoon of July 26, ZJU’s delegation visited the Russian Ministry of Education accompanied by the HSE faculty and had a good discussion with Mr. Lgor Ganshin, Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department. Deputy Dean Wu introduced the established cooperation between ZJU and HSE and looked forward to a continuous and enhanced partnership. Mr. Lgor Ganshin was very pleased being aware of this Sino-Russia summer school and attached great importance to the exchange between young people from China and Russia. He mentioned as well he looked forward to visiting ZJU some time to promote further bilateral cooperation in education.


Culture Experience

Russia is a country that attaches great importance to cultural protection and inheritance. On the sidelines of course study, the delegation visited some famous cultural attractions of Moscow city and deeply and intuitively experienced the cultural and historical atmosphere of Russia. In the Red Square and the Kremlin, the delegation learned the history of Russia and the Russian people's respect for heroes and culture. At the Tretyakov Gallery, the students marveled at the composition and behind-the-scenes of many paintings of Russian culture. And the "Swan Lake", the world famous ballet and an important cultural card of Russia, made it a wonderful experience of the original ballet performance at the Moscow Youth Theatre. 



National Research University-Higher School of Economics was established in December 1992 under the orders of the Russian government. It is a research-oriented national university and the largest social and economic think tank of Russia and throughout Eastern Europe. The Institution of Education in HSE is Russia's top multidisciplinary educational research and evaluation agency. It has more than a dozen of educational research centers and education teams, and plays an important role in government education decision-making and personnel training. In November 2017, Zhejiang University of Education signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Institution of Education. This summer exchange program is the first cooperation program under the cooperation framework.

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