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The Department of Curriculum and Learning Sciences was established in 2009 and was renamed in 2015 by the Institute of Curriculum and Teaching. It now has 16 faculty members, including 6 professors, 6 associate professors, 3 researchers and 1 assistant professor. All of them have obtained doctoral degrees. With varied research background and energetic academic inquiry, the research group has developed sharpen insights in educational theory and practice issues, forming its own characteristics in research of Instruction Design, Teaching and Learning Experiment, Discipline-specific Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Theory and Curriculum History, Curriculum Policy, E-learning, Distance Dducation, Museum-based Informal Learning, etc.

The Department of Curriculum and Learning Sciences has a postdoctoral research station and has the right to confer doctoral degrees in the first-level discipline of education, covering two majors: Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Technology. It also has the Center for Basic Education Curriculum Studies, Chinese Ministry of Education.

Faculty members in the Department take beliefs in “international vision, grounded in practice, innovative thinking”, keeping and following the preponderant tradition of famous scholars in intellectual pursuit, as well as extending our visions, seeking for truths, initiating innovations, and connecting theory and practice in educational area. Faculty members pay special attention to international academic communication and all of them have overseas study or visiting experiences. In past years, faculty members from the Department has carried out plenty of empirical studies related to curriculum reform, educational technology and teaching practice based on regional collaboration, with the aim to promote innovations in both educational theory and practice.

Head of the Department: Prof. LI Yan
Deputy Head of the Department: Prof. YE Yinghua, Associate Prof. TU Liya
Contact: Ms. XU Yu
Tel: +86-571-88276113

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