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Higher education is an important link between exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations. To deepen high-quality international exchanges and cooperation is an important historical mission of institutions of higher learning. Since the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has spread rapidly around the world, posing unprecedented challenges to global higher education and traditional models and approaches of international exchanges and cooperation. The College of Education look for opportunities in the crisis, actively explored the establishment of a new model of international exchange and cooperation in accordance with the epidemic situation, and innovatively promoted the construction of local internationalization.

In this May of 2021, the College of Education launched the first Global Exchange and Cooperation Season, aiming to continue to expand openness, strengthen partnership and cooperation, promote academic exchanges, and strengthen international talent training. With the theme of Openness, Connectivity, Exchange and Sharing, the first Global Exchange and Cooperation Season includes a series of online and offline activities such as themed lectures, global exchange and cooperation exhibition, student ambassador program, Dean's Meeting, and so on.

Activity One: Lecture Series on Education and Sports Science

As one of the highlights of the Global Exchange and Cooperation Season, the College has launched a series of lectures on education and sports science, the topics including curriculum and learning sciences, sports and health, the world education development trend and challenges, the quality education, international organization and global education governance, the educational technology. Experts and scholars around the world are invited to give lectures to ZJU students. Each series contains 7-12 lectures. All lectures are held online on ZOOM and other platforms, breaking through the time and space limitation. The series of will cover the three months of May, June and July and will be open to ZJU’s teachers and students. Up to now, more than 20 lectures have been delivered, and over 1200 teachers and students have participated. The online lecture series has promoted the continuous development of international exchanges, enriched teachers and students' understanding of online education, and brought new international exchange experience.

Activity Two: Global Exchange and Cooperation Achievements Exhibition

The College of Education has a long history of international exchanges and has always attached great importance to educational exchanges and cooperation with international organizations, countries and regions. After decades of accumulation and development, the College has established stable and close cooperation relations with UNESCO, Asia-Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership, World Leisure Organization and other international organizations, and set up five academic and scientific research cooperation platforms. The College has established cooperative relations with more than 30 universities and research institutions in more than 10 countries and regions around the world, signed over 50 agreements and MOUs, and carried out extensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation in academic exchanges, mutual visits between faculty and students, course learning, scientific research cooperation and other aspects.

In order to further boost the morale of international exchanges, create a strong international atmosphere, help the faculty and students to have a more comprehensive understanding of the College's international exchanges and cooperation work, and mobilize the enthusiasm to participate in international exchanges and cooperation, the College has arranged the Global Exchange and Cooperation Achievements Exhibition in the lobby of the College’s new building. Any valuable opinion and suggestion is Welcomed!


Activity Three: Global Communications Student Ambassador Program

In this March, the College of Education launched the Global Communications Student Ambassador Program, recruiting student ambassadors from the College’s undergraduates and graduate students. This program aims to stimulate the students' enthusiasm for participating in international exchanges and enhance cross-cultural communication ability in practice, and assist the College to publicize international information and carry out international exchange activities. The first International Exchange Student Ambassador Program has recruited 7 students from different stages of study and various majors.

Activity Four: Deans' Meeting

The College is planning to hold a Dean’s Meeting in this October, inviting Prof. ZHOU Lijun, deputy dean for internationalization, to attend the meeting and introduce the international cooperation and global exchange to the students. Please stay tuned for further activity announcements.

Activity Five: Global Partnership Establishment and Maintenance

This year, the College will sign new agreement with the University of Birmingham on master degree program and MOU with King's College London , and renew the MOU and agreement with the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Higher School of Economics of Russia, and Asian Institute of Technology.


The series of events of the Global Exchange and Cooperation Season started in this April and will run until October. Faculty and students are welcomed to participate all the above activities!


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