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JS金沙所有网址:A review of research on AR-supported language learning

Date: 2023-06-01       Visitcount: 21

Rustam Shadiev and Qiwei Liang

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching





Augmented Reality (AR) has gained significant attention in the field of language  learning.  This  study  conducted  a  systematic  review  of research on AR-supported language learning published between 2008and 2022. Thirty articles were selected based on specific inclusion and exclusion criteria, and analyzed using an analytical framework with the following dimensions: (1) technologies used, (2) target languages and skills, (3) theories and pedagogical approaches, (4) learning activities, (5)methodology  used,  and  (6)  major findings,  including  reported problems. The study yielded the following main outcomes. The majority of studies employed mobile devices for AR learning activities, with a focus on the English language and vocabulary acquisition as the most frequently  trained  language  component.  Scholars  predominantly leveraged cognitive theory of multimedia learning along with game-and task-based learning approaches in their studies. The reviewed studies mainly involved students from higher education levels, with questionnaires being the most commonly used data collection method.Reported findings pertained to affective, behavioral, and language learning outcomes such as satisfaction, engagement, and speaking ability. Scholars identified proficiency in using AR, cooperation, design strategy, and application-related issues as challenges. Based on the results of the study, several implications and recommendations were presented by the authors.


Keywords: Educational technology; augmented reality; language learning; educational application; systematic review

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