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JS金沙所有网址:Multimodal learning analytics of collaborative patterns during pair programming in higher education

Date: 2023-11-09       Visitcount: 35

Weiqi Xu, Yajuan Wu and Fan Ouyang

International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education    

2023   Volume 20   Issue 1




Pair programming (PP), as a mode of collaborative problem solving (CPS) in computer programming education, asks two students work in a pair to co-construct knowledge and solve problems. Considering the complex multimodality of pair programming caused by students’ discourses, behaviors, and socio-emotions, it is of critical importance to examine their collaborative patterns from a holistic, multimodal, dynamic perspective. But there is a lack of research investigating the collaborative patterns generated by the multimodality. This research applied multimodal learning analytics (MMLA) to collect 19 undergraduate student pairs’ multimodal process and products data to examine different collaborative patterns based on the quantitative, structural, and transitional characteristics. The results revealed four collaborative patterns (i.e., a consensus-achieved pattern, an argumentation-driven pattern, an individual-oriented pattern, and a trial-and-error pattern), associated with different levels of process and summative performances. Theoretical, pedagogical, and analytical implications were provided to guide the future research and practice.


Keywords: Collaborative problem solving; Computer-supported?collaborative? learning; Pair?programming; Computer?programming?education; Collaborative? pattern; Multimodal?learning?analytics

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