JS金沙所有网址:Columbia University’s Teachers College Delegation Visited COE

Date: 2023-12-22       Visitcount: 10

On December 19 2023, a delegation from the Center for the Professional Education of Teachers (CPET), an organization based out of Teachers College, Columbia University, visited the College of Education,Zhejiang University. The delegation included Dr. Roberta Lenger Kang, Director of CPET, Dr. Lance Ozier, extended learning & literacy specialist, and Ms. Zhang Li from Urban and Rural Innovation Design Research Center at ZJU.


At 2 p.m., during the teacher workshop session, Professor Li Yan, Associate Dean of COE, presented an overview of COE general background and achievements in international exchange and cooperation. Dr. Roberta introduced the CPET’s philosophy and its collaboration directions in Asia. The event was chaired by Professor Li Yan. Following this, discussions on topics such as “21st Century Global Core Competency Framework”, “Project-Based Learning” and “University Teacher Education Programs” took place between Roberta Kang and ZJU attendees, including Prof. Wang Xiaosong, Assistant Dean of School of Arts and Archaeology, Prof. Mei Weihui, Director of the Department of Education at COE, and Associate Professor He Shanyun, Associate Professor Tu Liya, and ZJU-100 Young Professor Yu Jie.



In the afternoon at 3 p.m., the “CPET Research and Professional Learning” sharing and exchange event took place in Room 118 of the COE Building, attended by over 40 students. Dr. Roberta delivered a keynote speech, elaborating on the Purpose-Driven Priorities and six core principles in the field of teacher education, providing a brief overview of the CPET's scope of work, the Shanghai delegation, and signature initiatives. She also introduced the newly established CPET-YOUCH and its development process. Following the presentation, lively interactions occurred during the Q&A session, where students actively posed questions and shared their perspectives on topics such as the positioning of CPET, the implementation of teacher education programs, and the analysis of concepts related to education and pedagogy.


This event focused on teacher education research and collaborative network development, offering a more in-depth academic exchange platform for both faculty and students. It not only facilitated collisions and exchanges of academic viewpoints but also laid a valuable foundation for potential intercollegiate cooperation.




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