Dean's Welcome

Prof. KAN Yue

Welcome to the College of Education, ZhejiangUniversity.

The College of Education is one of the leadingresearch colleges in China. With a history spanning over 120 years, the Collegehas been adhering to the motto "Seeking Truth, Cultivating Talents",dedicated to fostering outstanding graduates with international perspectives,innovative spirits, and leadership skills. With faculty capable of excellentresearch, the College has established a dozen of research centers in the fieldof education, sports science and psychology, undertaking projects to addresstheoretical and practical issues and facilitating the integration of teachingand research. Meanwhile, the College has developed close partnerships withoutstanding universities & institutes worldwide and establishedinternational cooperative platforms as well with UNESCO, WLO and otherinternational organizations. The College is keen to further open up to theworld and collaborate globally for development of world education.

I’m honored to be part of the College, and moreimportantly, to work with you to make a positive difference.

                                                                                        ――Prof.KAN Yue

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