The College of Education grew out of relatedprograms offered by the Qiushi and Yuying Academies founded in 1897. Atpresent, with more than 120 years of tradition in the field of education, the Collegefocuses on academic research, teaching, and community service. Its mission isto nurture future leaders with international perspective, innovative spirit andcomprehensive capabilities in the field of Education, Sports Science, andPsychology. The College offers degree and non-degree programs, formal andnon-formal training courses in collaboration with governmental andinternational organizations, and self-funded programs in order to providevarious paths for professional development in a lifelong learning society.

The College consists of the Department of Education,the Department of Sports Science, the Department of Curriculum and Learning Sciences,the Institute of Educational Leadership and Policy, and the Teaching andResearch Section of Military affairs. The College has established a dozen ofresearch centers as well, making it a leading position in a number of researchareas in the country.

The College attachesgreat importance to international exchanges and cooperation. It has establishedclose relationship with international organizations and universities worldwide.At present, the College has five international scientific research andcooperation platforms, and close academic partnerships have been establishedwith nearly thirty universities and research institutions in the US, UK, Italy,Germany, Hungary, Demark, Ireland, Russia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailandand other countries. Through persistent effort in innovative research, teachingand outreach programs, the College aims to establish itself as aninternationalized, research-orientated college of education.

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