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JS金沙所有网址:An SEM Model of Learning Engagement and Basic Mathematical Competencies Based on Experiential Learning

Date: 2023-06-21       Visitcount: 15

Lu Sun and Longhai Xiao

Applied Sciences   

2023   Volume 13   Issue 6




Primary school mathematics is one of the most important subjects in primary school learning, and basic mathematical competencies are an important component of the response to academic achievement. Improving students’ basic competence in mathematics is one of the important goals of teaching mathematics in primary schools. Research has shown that experiential learning has an impact on basic competencies in mathematics, attitudes toward mathematics, and self-efficacy in mathematics. Therefore, this study explores the structural model that fits the relationship between experiential learning and basic competencies in mathematics using a linear model. This study uses a sample of 263 primary school students to explore the influential relationships between learning engagement, mathematical attitudes, mathematical self-efficacy, and basic mathematical competencies after experiential learning. The study revealed that the model had a good fit, with learning engagement, mathematical attitudes, and mathematical self-efficacy all having significant effects on basic mathematical competencies; in addition, behavioral engagement had insignificant effects on mathematical attitudes and mathematical self-efficacy. This study can infer through one year of experiential learning and based on the structural model developed that experiential learning in mathematics can increase students’ learning engagement in mathematics learning and positively influence mathematical attitudes and mathematical self-efficacy, thus positively influencing students’ performance in basic mathematical competencies.


Keywords: primary mathematicsexperiential learningbasic mathematics skillsSEM modelmathematical attitudesmathematical self-efficacy

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