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JS金沙所有网址:A systematic review on intercultural learning supported by technology: identifying strength of evidence and relationship among research variables

Date: 2023-09-08       Visitcount: 20

Suping Yi, Shadiev Rustam and Yanyan Zhang

Interactive Learning Environments  





This study reviewed thirty-seven articles on intercultural learning supported by technology. The results are reported in terms of strength of evidence and relationship among research variables. The results indicated the following strength of evidence: (1) moderate evidence showed higher frequency of the technology usage in higher education or above; strong evidence revealed that technology was applied more frequently in studies with large sample than in those with small sample; (2) moderate evidence demonstrated most of the main findings were obtained from studies related to higher education or above; (3) moderate evidence illustrated that the main finding was intercultural learning outcome and it was frequently obtained using various measuring instruments; (4) there was moderate evidence that mixed research was prevalent in the reviewed studies, and most of the main findings were obtained through mixed research; (5) strong evidence showed that computer vision technologies had the most significant impacts on participants’ intercultural learning. In addition, the following five relationships were identified: participants and technology, participants and main findings, instruments and main findings, types and main findings, and impacts of technology on intercultural learning. Taken together, the implication of this research provides reliable evidence for driving innovation in technology-assisted cross-cultural learning studies.


Keywords: Intercultural learning; Technology; Relationship; Strength of evidence; Systematic review

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